Making an invoice payment

1. From the INVOICES tab in Account Balance, select the checkboxes for the invoices you want to pay, or select the checkbox at the top of the column to pay all of the open invoices.



2. When you've selected the invoices to pay, select the PAY INVOICES button.


3. Select Account **** to enter the information for your bank.



4. Select New Bank Account to enter the information for your bank.



5. Enter the information for your bank account, and then select NEXT.


To learn how to find the routing and account numbers for your bank account, select the ? (Help) icon.

To save the bank information for future use in Retailer Portal, select Save Bank.



6. Use the calendar to select the date when you want the payment to be processed.


Review the payment amount and number of invoices to be paid and click NEXT.

7. Review the bank information, payment amount, and number of invoices to be paid and select SUBMIT to process the payment.


When you submit the payment, Retailer Portal sends you a payment confirmation email.

Entering a payment on account

1. From the TOTALS tab, tap the PAY ON ACCOUNT button.



2. Enter your bank information and the payment amount, and complete the payment.

Entering a payment at checkout

1. From the Shopping Cart, tap the Place Order and Pay button.


2. Enter your bank information and complete the payment. The payment amount defaults to the amount of the order and cannot be revised.


View pending payments

If there is a pending payment for an invoice, whether from bank payments in Retailer Portal or another source, an * (asterisk) appears next to the Paid amount on the INVOICES tab. Pending payments are those on unposted batches in Work with A/R.


Click the Paid amount to view the date and source of the pending payment.


View payment history

The ALL PAYMENTS tab displays payments (pending and posted) and adjustments. From this tab, you can see the transaction date, posted date, invoice number, payment description, and payment amount.